#MondayMotivation: 4.3.17

I’m the type of person that can hide in plain sight

So fresh to death, it’s like my closet is a grave site

I keep everything on a need to know, me opening up? A strange sight

But hey? Whatever we got to do to maintain right?

Focused on myself, you can get in where you fit in

Got a legacy to uphold, I mean my grandmother did the sit in’s

My mother? Broke the glass ceiling like it was a ribbon

So greatness isn’t an option for me; it’s a mission

Dealing with my mental issues ain’t been a pretty picture

Told her, I needed some space & I’d be right back with ya

She wasn’t messing with that so she left me when I was real low

Now if she try & kick it again? I’mma block it like a field goal

Girl, you will never be more important than my sanity

I make this look easy, I do the semi-impossible almost causally

I don’t do it flashily because everyone would be mad at me

Give me a chance, I can make your real life turn to fantasy

I put God first then right afterwards, its family

Trying to see if we can plant some money seeds inside this family tree

You gotta hide the medicine in the candy like it’s a childhood pharmacy

Which means, you gotta show them the truth, even when they don’t want to see

Passing out food for thought like it was a buffet

Some people want appetizers, others want their entrees

I keep it quiet when I don’t know exactly what to convey

Otherwise people gonna make it a production like its Broadway

Running circles around these fools like its field day

Which makes sense because I view all the shit as child’s play

Everyone taking shots, just hope that you don’t catch a stray

Throwing shots then hiding hands? Don’t try and downplay

They think it’s over for me? But I’m not in dismay

I don’t trust people because of all the times I been betrayed

But I still have everything you want like it’s eBay

And the ability to bring anything back like a DJ.

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