#MondayMotivation: The Balancing Act

Sometimes you gotta take an L, but you grow from it

They thought they had my case closed but I made them reopen it

You know me? I’m gonna go get it, even if progress is slow with it

I been doubted since way back when Twista made Po’ Pimpin

Stay low and build time, your halftime is my chill time

I speak the truth in all my words, yet you think these ain’t real lines

They don’t see the signs, they just see the lies

They see the highlight reel but they don’t see the life

They don’t see the hard work and effort they just see results and then question.

Sleeping with one eye open just so I don’t miss my blessing

All these people that I’m dealing with, I don’t like mess in my orbit

People try to give me their stress and like a fool I absorb it

I got someone’s homegirl singing my praise like a chorus

People only give you flowers when you dead & I’m not tryna meet a florist

Watch them assassinate my character, just to say that they stayed down

What’s the point in staying down if you try and make everyone stay down?

You damn clown, sometimes the voices in my head are the only sounds

I care to hear and sometimes a person is only lost if they care to be found

Maybe I’m pushing through when I don’t need to push through

Don’t you get tired of convincing people that they need you?

People get a connation when they hear you’re a good dude

Like it’s ok to forget that I have needs to

The sex is good but sometimes the person isn’t

Sometimes you don’t get an explanation on why they did it

Sometimes you want it to work and it just can’t

Sometimes your secret admirers just work better as fans

Sometimes we just might work better as friends

Sometimes if you take the sex away, we were never friends

It’s possible to be both cocky and self-conscious

It’s possible to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress

The process? It’s ugly, not many people want to watch it

But it can get even uglier if you botch it.

No one wants to invest in you but everyone wants a profit

But in order to see the dividends, you must first make a deposit.

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