#FreestyleFriday: 3.3.17

You like what you like, you want what you want

I know there’s plenty of people who love me and plenty people who don’t

I feel like Syracuse’s defense, I’m really in my zone

Sent the measures for my crown because I’m ready for the throne

I be riding through the city, feeling like the president

But not that orange cheeto, I mean a real president

People hating on me, setting a new precedent

Because I’m running through their mind like a track event

Do you hate what you represent? Self-esteem needs a supplement

At the bar taking 9 shots, feeling like 50 cent

Giving haters the full court press I will never relent

Praying on my downfall, hoping for my descent

I ain’t talking about so-and-so, it’s over with you-know-who

We call them girls mysteries and you are no Scooby Do

You feel like you’re a bad guy? I feel like I’m a soprano too

Don’t make me reach the bad side, see some things that you never knew

Trying to be the nice guy but people want me to go the mean route

Throwing wrinkles in my plan? You’ll be sure to get steamed out

Every day’s a fight, only catch me smiling between bouts

The next person to talk that mess might just get cleaned out

I slide on her in the nighttime because the day has too many eyes

She don’t believe in love no more, says there is too many lies

I keep it on the low even though she be getting kinda high

He says reality is bullshit, so I let her fantasize.

My homie told me “it seems like you like ‘em until they like you back”

Because it’s hard to get freedom when feelings get attached

I know the women I did wrong wish they could get me back

But I think the women that did me dirty already handled that

So is it a clean slate or just a balanced scale?

Keep your 2 cents and throw them in the wishing well

The devil tried to keep me down with no avail

Because at this point, I was supposed to be dead or in jail.

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