#FreestyleFriday: 2.24.17

I’m standing in the storm, ready for the rain

School of hard knocks, I’m ready for the pain

Got these scars on my body from my past wars

But you haven’t lived until you found something you’d die for

Remember that, you used to be the one I cry for

Sneaking around the city, you were the one I’d lie for

Like nah, we just cooling it, kicking it. That ain’t bae

But hiding your true feelings from yourself, that ain’t safe

You win some, you lose some, well if that’s the case?

I been eating humble pie for too long, it’s time for cake

Money coming, money going, so fast I can’t keep up with it

Got a cloud hanging over my head, feels like I’m stuck with it

The moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it

Everybody claim to be a shooter until you hand them a gun with it

So be mindful of people’s words, pay attention to their actions

Sometimes you add to your wealth by giving people subtractions

Used to be known for overacting now I’m barely reacting

Used to wear my heart on my sleeve but I no longer like that fashion

They think they are going over me? That’s an improper fraction

Fake people make me sick, it’s like an allergic reaction

You know me, I’m dealing with the demons on my own time

But I can’t let my own demons continue to block my own shine

Food for thought, my mind is like a gold mine

Everybody wanna beat Goliath, but few try.

What are you gonna do when your back is against the wall?

When half want to see you win and the other half wants to see you fall

I got to succeed, there honestly isn’t another option

I feel these haters plotting, you do what you want when you’re popping

King shit, and I appreciate the loyal subjects watching

Known to help other people out I’m like the black John Stockton

The pick and roll, hand me the rock and it’s give and go

But nothing is an easy layup, LeBron and them should know.

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