Be My Peace

Be my peace and not my stress and I promise I’ll give you everything

Be my oasis inside the storm and you might end with wedding rings

That’s all I want, that’s all I need but I still can’t seem to get that

I asked her to give me a break, she said “who do you think I am? A kit-kat?”

I don’t get that, especially when people are praying on my downfall

It’s hard enough to be a black millionaire without the aid of a roundball

Or a microphone, I don’t give you any reason to search my phone

Yet you refuse to give me relaxation when I’m at home

Every time I see your name in my iMessage, I start to regret it

And wonder what I did to make you upset, my mind starts refreshing

Trying to figure out how I let a goofy chick make me start stressing

The stories you come up with, wouldn’t even find a home in the fiction section

Yeah I said it, I got wants and I got some needs

Want me to give that up just for a chance at make believe?

Them make me believe that you here with me and for me

Instead of what I can do for you and consistent sex for when you’re horny.

See, Vince carter was half man, half amazing

But me? I’m all man with constantly thinning patience

Tired of waiting, for someone good to come out the mud

Do you believe in love or just in its power as the biggest drug?

Make the biggest thug crumple into a million pieces

We supposed to stick together through the hard times like adhesive

You’re a work of art, leaning tower of Pisa

But love is harder to maintain, that’s my thesis.

An imperfect man fit for an imperfect world

So I know better than to expect the perfect girl

But if the things I do expect, she can’t provide?

Then I go Adele, saying hello from the other side

Be my sunshine in the rain, not a tropical storm

Be my Advil for the pain, not a medical bill form

Be my peace through the process, not another war

Otherwise, I start to ask why I need you for

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