Still Standing

I like busy women but I also like attention it’s a paradox

Looking for something to invest in like a pair of stocks.

Used to parasail into the Dm’s praying to find paradise

Realized I was gambling like rolling a pair of dice.

Put it all on black, that’s my momma’s advice

But I don’t know if she’s talking gambling or the girls she thinks are nice

But she don’t trip too much, I’m thankful for that

Otherwise she’d be asking me where her grandbabies are at

And then I’d be with the dumb face like I don’t know momma

I was in a couple plays in high school but I outgrew the drama

Tired of sweating these women like I gave up the sauna

Now I’m getting my run on like I gave up the comma

People keep sleeping on me, they didn’t give up the pajamas

And I’m out here praying for peace like I’m the Dali Lama

Harlem shaking through the pressure like it’s 02

Making a list of people that I can tell “I told you’

Is that petty? Probably. But all these setbacks cannot stop me

Working hard to be original and all they present me is carbon copies

Like this is what you have brought to me?

These are the people who want more than a part of me?

They say your desire wanes, and things aren’t the same

Every time I stick my neck out I get guillotined, this is the guarded me

So hypersensitive for the fall back that I may project

Fears onto others from my natural sense to protect

Myself from any criticisms I deem unfounded and dimwitted

The moment I’m done with it is when I stop having fun with it

I’m looking forward to figuring out my place in society

Just trying to get to the point where all of my people are proud of me

Skewed expectations, look at all of the things they require of me

I guess it’s no wonder that they get tired of me

But I’m still here. Assassination attempts and all

But you see how they react when I’m not as involved.

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