6pm in Clifton

I’m trying to be a better person, less volatile

They say Diddy, you got pretty teeth so why you never smile?

Because life had beat me down like a stepchild

And to be honest? This shit was getting kind of wild

So, I had to take a chill pill, no ecstasy, no Xanax

How I’m 25 and already stressed about getting the damn checks

People tapping me on the shoulder like “don’t you get it? You’re damn blessed”

Because I’m sweating through my t-shirt, trying to get at these crew’s neck.

I’m verified on and off twitter but I still need that blue check

I need that Blue Ivy money, making millions while I rest

Had so many people leaning on me like an armrest

I’m honored but get off me, I need space to catch my breath

I don’t need a Fitbit in order to retrace my steps

I can pinpoint the exact moment where it all went left

It is what I was focused on, all the wrong things

Felt like I had the whole team on my back, that’s LeBron things.

Been declared special since high school, that’s LeBron things

On a mission to make Ohio cool, that’s LeBron things

Shawty asked me what makes me happy and I couldn’t answer

Besides having enough cash to make it rain dear, word to Prancer

They think we have this crabs in a barrel mindset, word to Cancers

I’m brave enough to fly with Falcons and Hawks, word to Atlanta

These haters can’t stand us, I suggest they roll along

They say hindsight is 20/20 because you realized what you should have focused on

Build yourself up, what you look like pouring from an empty cup

And when they want refills, they move to the next nigga up

Let’s be real, society sucks. Sometimes you should take a break from it

When you crumble, they build you stronger. Sometimes you must take a break with it

Building up my equity, I got my demons right next to me

I made peace with them but I haven’t made peace with you enemies

There’s a difference between being friendly and friends with me

I realized that when I gave more to fools & they started thinking less of me.

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