Prized Possessions

I been through this before, I have experience with this ritual

How do you date with 2 headstrong individuals?

In order to make this work you might need a minor miracle

And not everyone you date is that spiritual

How both people in the relationship think they’re prized possessions?

Hell, we were taught not to lust after possessions

Therein lies a quandary that we haven’t yet learned the lesson

Both people think they’re catches, that’d confuse Odell Beckham

See we’re working on navigating this minefield

Not interested in expending energy to prove I’m real

If you like me? Fine. If not? That’s cool too

You ain’t gotta draw out your resume for me, this ain’t blue’s clues.

Lately dating has felt less like dating and more like job interviews

People posting their resumes wondering why they don’t have a job or two

Oops, I mean a man or two. Maybe you need to reconfigure your performance tools

Taking the excitement out of dating with all these sets of rules

Shakespeare said, expectation is the root of all heartache

You expected her to give you some because you took her to cheesecake

You expected to be in a relationship just because he made your legs shake

Nas expected Kelis to forget how to make the milk shake

You know, the one that made all the boys come to her yard?

I got to ask my OG’s, did dating back then get this hard?

Did social media really leave all these women scarred?

When did relationships start carrying a scorecard?

I took her here and I did this for her, so now she owes me some

Women having 90 days rules to prevent the hit and run

I did this and this for him so now we go together

Thinking like that? The easiest way to get high blood pressure

Can the relationship work if both people think they’re Beyoncé?

I know people who value the ring more than the fiancé

They think they’re prized possessions and we value self-confidence always

I’m just trying to figure out while it seems we’re in such disarray

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