Catch the Tempo

I know it’s cliché, but I’m feeling really focused now

Make these problems disappear, wallah, hocus pocus now

I ain’t feeling hopeless, in fact I deserve a bonus now

Less announcements, more moves so I’m putting you fools on notice now

What’s the point of a master plan if you spill the beans?

If life’s a game then I’m trying to stack the teams

Because they only judge you in this life if you have the rings

Or else, they’ll call you a loser among a bunch of things

You can’t tell me nothing, I broke generational curses

I had better ideas on accident than most people do on purpose

They find your weakest link and lie & say you’re worthless

But I got so many ideas, I’m dealing with a surplus

The devil wants my soul but I’m not putting it up for purchase

They’d thought I’d fall so the fact I’m standing makes ‘em nervous

Haters motivate me so I just say thanks for your service

And I pick them off with the precision of a surgeon

Trust me I’m working, and I don’t have to announce it for it to be true

There’s a million carbon copies, don’t trip, just be you

There’s sharks in the water and you’re out here looking like sea food

Thinking this is the main story when really it’s just the prelude

Hey dude, don’t worry about me, worry about yourself though

Hating’s been overrated since Run DMC wore those shelltoes

People want their criticism to stick like Velcro

But when they ask, if I’mma quit? Hell no

You bozos, trying to make a fake persona for the photos

If I asked what your credit was looking like, that would be a low blow

You’re loco, you’re lost in the woods like Dorothy and Toto

Think you a celebrity? But you really viewed as a John Doe

And I know that haters always want to kick it with you like Judo

But I’m the main attraction, I can’t focus on the sideshow

There’s a window of opportunity and I’m about to close the window

It’s 2017, step up and catch the tempo

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