What I Want For Christmas

People asking me what I want for my birthday and Christmas

All these questions, I guess it’s just tradition

If I tell you, would people even really listen

Oh well, well here is what’s on my wish list

Health for the family, wealth for the family

I want a house big enough for the Christmas tree

A girl so fly that she can’t even be brought down by gravity

Wanting to go a couple months with no tragedy

Like, that shouldn’t be so hard to ask for

If you gonna drive me crazy, then I wish for a Rav 4

I had a couple blessings but for Christmas I want more

Couple things I want can’t be found in the department store

Want Santa to place under my Christmas tree, a real chick

Her hair, body and goals all super real and super thick

Keeping the demons off me, wanting to ice out the crucifix

Look into the mirror every day, like you the shit!

I want peace of mind before they take a piece of mine

If you owe me 10 dollars, don’t try and give me nine

In 2017, I want to be able to see the signs

If God places mountains in front of me, I want to be able to climb

I want more love and less hate

In 2017, stop asking me to listen to your mixtape

Because I might be honest and say “your shit ain’t great”

Now you’re in your feelings and you look at me some type of way

For Christmas, I don’t want to be scared to invest

In proper financial opportunities or myself

Know how to delegate and know how to ask for help

If life’s a game, start treating me like Michael Phelps

So many gifts I could get, I could receive

But the best gift is another year of being me

Because there’s a whole bunch of things I need to see

That’s the best thing I could get under the Christmas tree.

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