Been Thru This Before

Who you think you’re tryna fool? Been through this all before

People change like the weather, rain, sleet, hail, or snow

Just need someone that’s down to go, keep our business on the low

Round and around the merry go, but this isn’t for my amusement though

People think they can trick me into it being a fairy tale

I got the world in my hand, I use it to tip the scales

I don’t need a wishing well for you to wish me well

Devil in a red dress, makes sense that you give me hell

Come on now, I know how this story goes, I read the script

Niggas need to look up registration because that ain’t your chick

You share that woman, it might even be a 60/40 split

Used to be Mr. Shoot Your Shot but now I’m focused on assists

Because the game is cold blooded, it’s not for the weak at heart

Every day we start, held together by lies and we fall apart

We get distant, we hit that fade away like Dirk Nowitski

You talk to me less and less but you tell yourself that you miss me

Come on now, don’t draw this out. Make this a quick hit

We’re the microwave generation, we all looking for the quick fix

She say all niggas are the same, I told her I’m the remix

She told me I was dead to her, I rose from the ashes like a phoenix

I laugh at my issues, just so I don’t get sad about it

I lost my mind a while ago, shoutout to whoever found it

Drown my issues in liquor, it helps me to forget about it

Life places obstacles in front of me, I just get around it

Ain’t nobody me, they’re either imitations or the wrong version

Think you can keep me down, you’re talking to the wrong person

I’m my own worst enemy so beating you isn’t an issue

Shutting up is key, in fact you can say it’s instrumental

Cutting myself off, any contact is incidental

But you acting foul anyway so when am I getting free throws?

And 1, where I’m going? You can’t come

I was schooling your parents, so you’re like my grandson

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