The Trending Topic

Don’t flex on me, that’s all that I ask of you

Your present is messing up how I remember the past of you

I used to have folks who would swear up and down that they loved me

Swear the lie’s beautiful but the truth sure is ugly

Lights, camera, action. I’m ready for my close up

Got all these burdens resting on my shoulder

Even if you deep froze me, my heart couldn’t be much colder

I got love for my niggas, blood couldn’t make us closer

People taking shots? I say grab the clips and load up

All about my money so what the hell is the hold up?

Hold up, let me check myself for a couple minutes

A suit only makes the man if you don’t trust the man that’s in it

You ain’t always gonna fit in if you’re custom fitted

Actions have consequences so trust me I’m coming with it.

I don’t know if I owe karma or karma owes me

I ain’t trust too many women since like January of ‘03

I grew up a little bit, understood the game better

Learned to shut up and listen to the trendsetters

Apologizing for sleeping on me? Don’t trip, it’s my pleasure

Next time my name is in your mouth, I hope it burns you like cayenne pepper

Known to prepare for the storm no matter the weather

Maybe my life messed up because I didn’t pass those chain letters

Who knows man? Redesigning my personality, I went to Lowe’s man

It’s either shit or get off the pot, I got to go man

I ain’t perfect, I fuck up more often than I would like to admit

I used to be Mr. Shoot Your Shot but I preferred the assist

I don’t tell you the whole story I allow you to get the gist

I’m the type to have the chance at the girl of my dreams and miss.

No LOL’s needed, my mood is darker than this evening.

She wants to bring a ring home, it makes sense she’s from Cleveland

Or Akron to be exact, but I’m still a work in progress

Even if I delete the twitter, I’ll still be a trending topic

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