2PM in Columbus

If there is a silver lining, I guess I should be thankful for the material
This is food for thought; it’s easily prepared like some cereal
Tell them don’t speak on me period, tell them don’t sleep on me period
You think I’m laughing? I’m serious. Fools keep trying to make me delirious
Want the crazy me to make an appearance, I can buy your whole soul on clearance
They underestimated my brilliance, I’m just thankful for the non-interference
Thankful for the non-disclosures, This for every man saying I told you
My demons wanting me dead but they’re not sending enough soldiers.
Wake up and smell the hate in the morning like it’s some Folgers
Got the weight of the whole wide world on my broad shoulders
While I got some knees trying to connect to some broad’s shoulders
A penny for my thoughts? Then fool, pay us what you owe us!
I’m more than just your token, I ain’t a man you can sideline
Been knew the game since Cash Money was taking over for the 99
Demons trying to sack me like Warren Sapp with the 99
I’m a star, how can I not shine? Way more than just bling on my hotline
So much going on, I feel foolish for the things I worry about
This shit is small, don’t let others tell you if you’re worthy or not
Others trying to dictate your fate
My God knows I’m great, that’s my only saving grace
I was told, if I’m gonna kill myself to make it spectacular
Don’t be a pussy about it, if you gonna do it, make it a massacre.
Driving in the fast lane, got Jack Daniels as my passenger.
People keep talking because they believe that I’m an amateur
Don’t treat me like NCAA, I need all my coins
The ones who threw me under the bus now looking for a bandwagon they can join
Rooting for the kid now, like you weren’t just throwing shade
If I can’t find a woman, I’mma make sure I continue to get paid
Because you lose one chasing after the other, that’s what they say
I need to cop a controller for all the games they play
But I resign myself to define myself
Because I can’t find happiness until I find myself.

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