The Power Ranking

I got to get a couple things in order

Before I go about the process of picking someone’s daughter

If I don’t make the right choice, I’m gonna be in a hot water

And wishing I had an invisibility cloak like I was Harry Potter

See this is what I’m working on, what I’m working towards

They want relationship goals, is that what I’m working for?

When it comes to the options, you want to go on tour

Because when you got to make a choice, you want to be sure?

You think you have it figured out but folks come sneaking back

Man I thought I fell off, I guess I needed that.

Know your status, know your worth then add that tax

Don’t let other people determine your worth, that is facts

Out here putting my ducks in a row, I need a power ranking

Shoot Your Shot 2016? I spent most of it clanking

But in the 4th quarter, I always cone clutch like Kyrie

Dej Loaf with the women, telling them to try me

Old soul, young mind. I guess these things even out

Extra extra, I try to avoid all the press you read about

Obsessed with the c notes like I personally need to sing out

I deserve to have any woman that I have dreams about

I mean, I know what I can do and what I can offer

She thinks fuck boys are par for the course like she’s a golfer

I do what I can for you, even though I’m not a baller

But if my check start looking like phone numbers, I won’t call her

Back then they didn’t want me, but now I’m hot they all on me

Used to be on do not disturb, now like Jesus they call on me

Been through so much bullshit, in relationships I got PTSD

And if love is a game, the way I play deserves ESPYs

So I look at my big board like a GM before draft day

I wish I could clone myself, to avoid seeing any sad faces

Life is moving so fast, I got to stretch it out just to keep pace

I got a lot on my plate so let us bow our head and say grace

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