Cracks in the Armor.

Even when I sleep alone, I never really sleep alone

No one in my bed just gives room for my demons to roam

Even when I asked, no one has really put me on

Lean on me? I just need some things to keep me calm

I’m focused on the dangers like I was a storm watcher

Fighting invisible opponents like I was a shadow boxer

Willing to do almost anything to ensure I prosper

They try and knock us, how hard are they gonna try and stop us?

These are questions that I ponder, that I wonder

I look in my phone and I just see mass unsaved numbers

Afraid of commitment? I been messed up since the summer

Can’t sleep through the night, it’s always one thing or another

Looking to outsource to fill the void that I possess

Showing cracks in the armor always leads to a text

They ask me how I’m doing & since I can’t say “filled with regret”

I say I’m doing fine and they moved on to the next.

There’s a correlation between intelligence, creativeness & depression

The smarter that you are, the harder you take life’s lessons

The more you know about the world, the more you realize it’s trash

Used to be on top of the world, man life comes at you fast.

I don’t know what’s worse; fake love or real hate.

I got an appetite for success man I scrap plates

I don’t put myself out there I want to save face

Now a days, I don’t tell folks goodbye , I tell ‘em to stay safe.

Small changes and that illustrates a larger reality

Thinking like a boss, I need them to up my salary.

Too many bills to pay & not enough cash to do it

Hoping I haven’t already blew it, mind end up ringless like Patrick Ewing.

I been real close into inquiring if the pack is moving

Allergic to failure, I literally can’t stomach losing.

Maybe that’s why I been spilling my guts lately

Name one genius who ain’t crazy, it’s on myself to save me.

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