New Age Redemption

I can’t share everything because I’m dealing with these demons

Rising from the ashes, get introduced to the phoenix

So close to my goals, I can’t mess around and leave it

Looking for the sign because I promise God, I need it

I’m not a natural born hustler, I had to learn that trait

I got way too many obstacles that are in my face

I have an appetite for success, let me say grace

I’m in the fast lane, but I’m still giving chase

Dealing with options in front of me like a stock broker

I’m an investment, to rock with me, I need a stakeholder

October but the heart can’t get much colder

Swear I’m like one bill away from using baking soda

I’m a lover, not a fighter but I’ll fight for what I love

Think you don’t get the attention you deserve, welcome to the club

They ask me how I’m feeling these days, all I do is shrug

People say I do the most and I still feel like I don’t do enough

Crazy situation to be in for a 25 year old

Might try and buy a genie to get these fortunes told

They say luck doesn’t favor the fair, it favors the bold

And when you get caught in the storm, I’ll take you out the cold

Even if I don’t have it like that

Because my entire ambiance is making you think I have it like that

And everything I lost, I need to get it right back

And folks have my name in their mouth like a fucking tic tac

I don’t love you, I don’t hate you I just need you to relax

Because too much stress might just cause a relapse

I need a lot of things but I don’t need that

I need that like Kyrie needed a broken knee cap

So next year, I guess I’ll come back from down 3-1

I don’t need 100 chances, man I just need one

And this is coming from the mouth of Celeste’s son

The new age redemption story has just begun.

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