Check On Me

They call me Mr. Pull up from anywhere, I feel like I’m steph

All this drama on my chest, one of the last real niggas left

Need a bad chick for the stress, need a secretary for the rest

I don’t deal too much with regret, gotta focus on what’s next.

I see some eyes when I walk through, some folks I used to talk to

Fighting with my demons, they keep asking for a round 2

Too many tasks to get around to, so I’ll get to it when I’ll get to it

I just see these folks’ lips moving, too worried about what I’m doing

Too worried about who I’m screwing, wondering who I see intimate

Wondering why exactly he can’t commit, am I out here taking “business trips”

I say mind your own business trick, needs these checks to do a magic trick

I need these checks to double up, like to hell with math and shit

Love of money is the root of all evil, pursuit of it is the root of my people

Why you think we make 4 or 5 sequels? Why men say it’s cheaper to keep you?

If we don’t have money, we need it. If we have it, we can’t lose it

Yes, money doesn’t buy happiness, but you see folks sad on a Cancun trip?

You see people angry on a cruise ship? We jumping on couches, tom cruise shit

It seems like it’s mission impossible, tom cruise shit, check the minority report, tom cruise shit

Trying to make it rain man, tom cruise shit. Trying to be the top gun, tom cruise shit

Had a hot girl give me a cool tip, money dictates where the cool sit

Rather be pool side or court side, exchanging margaritas for some stock tips

Or in Dreams down in Houston where they treat me like one of the Rockets

And people say I’m talented, but talent don’t pay the bills.

Always nice to be recognized, but I want a check for my skills

Big bank takes little bank but big ideas can’t hold still

The winter in ohio’s cold still, so I’m used to cold chills

That come from cold shoulders, because I’m not in range rovers

I remember being so broke, I’d try and steal the penny out of loafers

I got a check on me right now, but I need a bigger one

Gridning like I need some money for my son, without the little one

I got a check on me right now but I need a bigger one

I got a check on me right now, but I need a bigger one.

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