Superman Learns Patience

They say every superhero needs a theme song

Beating my chest like King Kong, Martin Luther told me to dream on

Addicted to the feeling, I see what these fiends be on

Did I buy a mattress company? Why am I the one they sleep on?

I mean, staying low and building is cool or whatever

But I can’t use dreams to pay back these loans from school or whatever

If plan A don’t work I got more than 20 other letters

Besides God, you’d have to convince me that anyone else is better

I think I’m a dope person but of course, I’m obviously biased

If most people told you they checked on me, they’re obviously lying

I keep looking to God like can’t you see I’m obviously trying

I just ain’t got a lot of people that I can confide in

We’re taught to hold it in, if words hurt get thicker skin

Don’t lose to depression, we’re black men, just get it in

because you still getting coins to spend, we may not break but we may bend

dealing with demons in my closest, if I open it up, we might be twins

I swear I met a bad lil chick that was from SoHo

Wanted me to move out there, I told her that’s a no-no

It’s hard to find peace when you’re always on the go-go

Especially when all these folks looking for the low blow

I don’t mention names because they don’t deserve the promo

I used to be able to always bounce back like a Pogo

I always seem to like the “I’m pretty but I’m loco”

Why can’t none of these women ever be local?

I gave up a long time ago on ever being normal

Dress it up and make it real for me, I like my girls formal

I just want something deeper than Instagram captions

We don’t really want love, we’ll settle just for passion

Every time I think I’m out of the game they drag me back in

Let my guard down and always get caught slacking

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve like it’s the new fashion

But I had to fall back to make way for the plans that I am crafting

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