Long Distance Love

We flirt in the DM’s and imessages, but that’s all it is

Because I got to catch a flight in order to get where you live

Boston, San Antonio. Miami’s really nice this time of a year

If I had the money, I’d buy out all your contracts and fly you here.

Trips up 71 get a little tiring when you gotta make them biweekly

Safe to say I got more issues than a US Weekly

Or a Vogue, or an Ebony. What’s en vogue is all these ebonies

If stealing my attention was a crime, I’d charge all these girls with felonies.

They say Diddy why you got to import, what’s wrong with someone local?

If you’re from where I’m from, you’ll understand why I’m not hopeful

The city’s too small but I think everyone thinks their city’s too small

We got 5 foot chicks who will curve you if you ain’t 6 foot tall

We got hustlers and dealers saying all they deserve is corporate women

We got young professionals who view their relocation here as a trip to prison

I mean, it’s a really weird cocktail. I want a Jamaican woman to introduce me to oxtail

We got folks thinking they superman and everyone riding their coattails

I know my worth, so therefore I stay in my lane

Looking at the playing field from the pressbox, trust me I know the game

These other fools don’t know how to read the defense

Think it’s a man to man when it’s cover 2, make a pass & get intercept

Which leads me back to all these women that require Jets

Not private, coach will do just fine but how many twitter boo’s have you met?

This one girl told me she didn’t like texting, I’m like cool

Then she was like I don’t like the phone either, like what am I supposed to do?

She was like we can talk over dinner, just us 2

Like how am I gonna fly out to dinner when I don’t know you?

Just some things that make me wonder, just some things that make me ponder

Long distance means less access but it also means less drama

Ain’t no unintentionally getting caught up, by people you didn’t know was friends.

Neither one has many happy endings, which ones have messier ends?

I got needs that need to be met and when they don’t? I get cranky

I get annoyed, I get angry. Threw so many lobs, LeBron should thank me

See, I got a spirit that might be lazy, why do I have to prove myself

You treating this like an interview, to gain you, I got to lose myself?

Long distance, short distance. I mean they have their differences

Dress it up and make it real for me, or at least, can we pretend it is?

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