The Non-Love Story

This the love story for those who ain’t been in love

They say love is addicting and my mom told me say no to drugs

To me? Love is an illusion, something like a magic trick

I’m more likely to fall down the rabbit hole following my magic stick

Does love exist? Me and women sometimes be at war like bloods and crips

Red and blue but we often mix together on some purple sh*t

Got me out here juggling these women on some circus sh*t

It’s getting hard to read these people, on some cursive sh*t

They claim to want someone deep but we’re just dealing with this surface sh*t

Every other day, we turn this into some battle, some versus sh*t

I consider myself flexible, I’m on my multi-purpose sh*t

But the feds stay watching, I know that they are on their lurking sh*t

Shoutout to all the women who I dedicated verses and sh*t

But the show is over, it’s time to close the curtains and sh*t

I know about lip service, I just wanted to service those lips

Shoutout to those who almost became my girl on purpose and sh*t

Now when I deal with women I get all nervous and sh*t

Not initially because I can honestly flirt a little bit

But afterwards, when you want to share your progress and sh*t

That’s right when they start on their nonsense and sh*t

Make you feel dumb, like you need hooked on phonics and sh*t

Happens so quick you barely even processed the sh*t

Makes sense why I barely even understand the context and sh*t

By it, I mean love. I lose at like a contest and sh*t

I keep personal failures personal, I don’t need the side comments and sh*t

But I thank them for giving me this content and sh*t

I used to be a hopeless romantic, but not no more

Used to go above and beyond but now I stay the course

I used to not be able to speak on it like my voice turned hoarse

But there’s a reason 51% of marriages end in a divorce

So this is a love story, without the love necessary

Raised by single mother so maybe it’s hereditary, I’m still legendary.

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