Can’t Buy Happiness…You Sure?

They always say I’m here if you need me

But I was always taught that you don’t want to look needy

Graduated from hungry and made it to greedy

Trying to figure out the best way to convince this world to feed me

I’m always under pressure whether internal or external

Not getting much sleep, does God think that I’m nocturnal?

I’ve taken my blows, felt like I got beat up by Ike Turner

So I let these words fly all up in my own journal

It’s not just a journal, It’s a chronicle

Where I’m at now, if you check the stats should be impossible

So the fact I want more should be illogical

But God never said that the truth had to be probable

Been doubted since I was born 3 weeks early in the hospital

Turning up the heat on me, want me to melt like a popsicle

Dealing with internal voices saying I’m not good enough

Looking at my friends and wondering if my time is up

I almost ran out of money, I need better luck

Or a better job, I can’t even afford to get my credit up

Every thing I do somehow feels like it’s not enough

When is God going to bless me with the Midas touch?

God and I talk but the amount of time has been lacking

Maybe that is the reason for all of the things to happen

People want to kill my dreams, they’ve hired their assassins

You can’t take this hunger from me, it’s like I been fasting

But the paralysis of choice, can smother your inner voice

Driving in an impala, it should be a Rolls Royce.

Made so many bad decisions, now I’m afraid to make any

When it comes to f*cking up, that’s something I’ve done plenty

Used to drown my thoughts in liquor but I got tired of the henny

Had me on the ground feeling worthless like an old penny

I know I need therapy but I can’t afford the bill

I got to keep dreaming because my nightmares give me the chills

I always wonder what would happen if I got killed

Would you lie and say you loved me or would you keep it real?

He was alright, he was there, he was cool, and we kicked it

But now that he’s gone, my life won’t feel much different

Is it too late to make an impact, did I miss it?

Are the inner workings of my mind too explicit?

I got to get it regardless, can’t let this gem tarnish

Long hard road, Lord help me remember why I started

Not only why I started but exactly where I started

Because I got to get it regardless for my dearly departed

Who were gathered here today but on a different plane

Who didn’t sacrifice their time/effort for me just to be plain

They ask, Why are you so money hungry? You can’t buy happiness

I tell them, let me decide that after I have it then.

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