Bunker Mentality

Now it’s really time for me to lock down

Everybody getting shot by the cops now

Everybody wants an update, they want the rundown

I’m just trying to avoid getting ran down

Money comes and goes like water

I’ve had to beg, I’ve had to steal, I’ve had to borrow

Living like there ain’t no tomorrow

Because there really might be no tomorrow

Dealing with stress the only way I know how

Taking all the doubts and adding them to the file

Taking all this nonsense and adding it to the pile

I lied to these fools and still show them my smile?

Admitting weakness isn’t really my style

Weakness will get you exiled.

I thought I was beating my demons by a mile

But they been lurking in the shadows for a while,

But what I look like being heartbroken

When we see every day that the system’s broken

Seems like every other day I see a bad omen

So my personal struggles aren’t thought provoking

One day there’s a shooting, next day? Explosion.

Been exposed to so much, I lost some emotion

Now I heed trigger warnings because I don’t want to see the same things

The rich gonna stay rich too, we need some new Kings.

I’m just trying to fight for my place on the food chain

If the road to success is closed, I’mma need to make a new lane

Can’t teach an old dog, new tricks but he can grow some new fangs

It’s that bunker mentality that might need a new name.

I hold everything in when I’m stressed, it’s a habit

I try to lean into work to make it disappear, like it’s magic

But when that fails as it often does

I bounce back to square one & my demons join the club.

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