She says she likes a man who can put her in her place

Who won’t back down when she’s all up in his face

You throw it? I’mma catch it. my “phase” I still haven’t had it

But if I want it, I’ma grab it & make it disappear like magic

This ain’t just black magic, I’m a black wonder

These fools can’t see me like stevie wonder, I recovered from my blunders

Went from recovered to under covers. Enemies turned to lovers

Like your drunk stepdad, I’m a bad motherf**ker

I don’t trust people who whisper around me

Has nothing to do with you, but don’t forget that about me

Since I was born I done had some folks to doubt me

But if we’re keeping score then they don’t want to check the tally.

I see you got a smart mouth with your smart a**

Good body with that shaped like a heart a**

I know around these people you wanna act like a hard a**

But with me? You know a hard head makes a soft a**

So listen here, this cash is the only thing I’m chasing

Like Ginuwine, I’m so anxious.

Like Lil Wayne, I’m so faded

Look at all the sh*t we created?

I’m cold hearted, you’re cold blooded

I want to get you the diamond watch that’s so flooded

I got you chasing after me like you’re Joe Budden

You do your own stunt, no need for a stunt double

Look at me? Can you believe that I’m not trusted?

It seems like you’re looking for everything except a husband

Me and you? I see a lot of fighting/cussing

And in between I’m messing up your shirt buttons.

But always I’ll hold you down like an anchor

People trying to peep us like we’re famous

Bonnie and clyde, we’re just trying to make it

They say the hood girls fall for the gangstas.

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