The Jig is Up

I used to be the one who wanted people to love me

I used to be the one who wanted people to trust me

No matter how you’re dressed up this game can get ugly

Perfection takes time so please don’t try to rush me

Slow down for a second, and now we’re back up on it

Always forward thinking even when I back up on it. She threw me the box I just backed up on it.

What? You thought they had a backup on it?

They laid their burdens in front of me & I picked the slack up on it.

Straddling the line between rookie and a veteran.

I don’t hang with too many people I think that I’m better than

So every time I look at my inner circle, I know I have room for improvement

Always a fan of making moves silently, sometimes the noise is a nuisance.

I don’t consider myself one of the cool kids, I don’t consider myself one with loose lips.

I’m out here just trying to ride this wave & we know loose lips sink ships

I saw my OG’s crafting their blueprint, their plans? I haven’t seen the same 2 since

That would make the rise to the top similar to snowflakes and finger prints

It’s hard to carbon copy so that means go and find your own

I’m like the cover 2 defense, I’m trying to find my zone

Future king that they’re praying abdicates the throne.

But I can’t do it because I feel like success is in my bones

How the one who was black balled turned into the back bone?

Got these folks studying the kid like I’m their senior capstone

Every time I hear the negativity, I find my headphones

You can’t have everything your way, this isn’t cold stone

The reign hasn’t been cancelled, just postponed.

24 and already thinking about my gravestone

Or to be more accurate, what’s on my obituary.

Me left to my own thoughts can be kind of scary

My homies told me to quit acting like a b*tch, this ain’t Tyler Perry

I want my pockets to hit high notes like Mariah Carey

We’re talking prime Mariah Carey, not this Mariah Carey

I know this world gets colder than a scoop of Ben & Jerry

Even without my glasses, I can become a visionary

Life’s a game? I play it on mute, screw your commentary.

People taking shots at me, gotta love the mercenaries

I’m just dropping my food for thought, respect my culinary.

My magic comes from my mindset, not from fairy dust.

My strength comes from my melanin, won’t be a steroid bust

People will eat you alive then discard you like a pizza crust

But my eyes wide open and to you haters, the jig is up.

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