The Go Route (Double Feature)

If a woman wants you around? She’ll make sure that you’re around

As long as you don’t hold her up, she’ll make sure she holds you down

So aint no point in stressing over folks that aren’t worth it to worry about

Babygirl don’t want to mess with me because of what she heard from word of mouth

But I can’t stress too long, never catch me being too thirsty.

People want to act like because I’m a man, I’m less worthy

I know my worth and I know yours too, you don’t have to settle now.

I might need to find multiple girlfriends so me and them can settle down.

If you’re a female friend and you haven’t lobbed me, you’re not a real friend

You’re just selfish with my attention and leave me with the short end

I’m not dealing with it no more, sacrificing myself? That’s a no-go.

Still trying to figure out this game and I’m not sharing the cheat codes

Chasing someone who doesn’t want to be caught? That’s a no-no

I just do my thing and let the rumors that swirl around me be free promo

To all those hating on me? I hope you stub your big toe

She tried to throw the lob and it got intercepted, she’s Romo.

Future said he loves freak hoes. Me? I like them lowkey

When things got real she got cold feet, left the coach on the hot seat

What I learned in this life is that few things are concrete

And the messed up thing is that even less things are discreet

Used to have women running through my mind like an athlete

Until I found I was getting the run around like a track meet

And some people I thought I lost out on? I dodged a bullet

Mr. Shoot Your Shot? You shouldn’t be afraid to pull it

Got to have backup plans to the backup plans, roster cuts happen

Used to wear my heart on my sleeve but I moved on from that fashion

Gucci told me girls come every 15 like a bus route

Calling Me “Zaddy” on Sunday, by Thursday I’m getting cussed out

Like what gives with the potty mouth? My patience? You’re wearing out

Starting wearing less, going out more. This the shit I hear about?

Sometimes in order to get the best situation, you clear it out

Football season upon us, so watch me run a different route.


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