Freestyle Friday: 8-26-16

I got to get what’s mine, I don’t have other choices

Everybody wants input but I’m not listening to their voices

I’m a king in the making, kingpin just some steps away

People talking shit but if you confront them> they step away

Don’t ever try to play me like madden, what did you expect to happen?

To get everything you want? Talk to the genie from Aladdin

I been through pain and I mask it, I earned my stripes and my badges

If people just gave my myspace I could craft a classic

Yeah I said give me myspace like it’s 2006

I’m as real as it gets, can’t let these folks give me fits

Man these folks are a trip, vacations into another zip

People taking shots at me and they’re reloading the clip

People viewed me as a magic man, I can make anything happen man

And the boy stays gifted, only one who has more gifts is Santa man

I belong in Santa Maria, I belong in Santo Domingo

Don’t ever think I need y’all, I be tired of dealing with gringos

Obsessed over chips, no pringles. Obsessed over cheese, no Kraft shit

All good vibes, no wack shit. All independent women no wack chicks

A good girl is an investment, a bad b*tch is a bill.

What’s so wrong with “stay low & build” being public could get us both killed

This the crazy life that we live, food for thought that sticks to your ribs

I don’t blame you, I blame your oldheads, parents parent your kids.


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