Child’s Play

You say it’s child’s play but you know I’m full grown.

Say you’re gonna teach me a lesson? I’m ironing my school clothes

Swinging for the fences like I’m ’06 Albert Pujols

I want a girl so bad that when they see us, they say “Kudos”

You the type to make me love you and make me hate you

The type to make me scream “fuck you!” then want to date you

You aren’t healthy, I need to leave drugs like you alone

But every time you hit me up, I keep picking up the phone

You don’t want to fall in love, I know

They say that lust is a drug, I know

Keep your nose out my business or find a new nose

Thought you had it figured out but you need the new code

Cheat code status, we play the game like All Madden

But when we get together, we act similar to rabbits

You’re like junk food, I don’t need it but I have it

Girl you drive me crazy, let’s hope my seat belt fastens

I be up on mu shit but you’re always there for the distraction

If pictures speak a thousand words then who needs a caption?

If women don’t need saving then who needs a captain?

If sex is all we got then how we lose the passion?

If I got all these questions, how we find the answers?

Remember my last birthday? Where you find the dancers?

Might be done with Leos, where you find the cancers?

If the feds always watching, where you find the cameras?

I got people following my lead like a sing-along

I think this fresh prince deserves his own Nia Long.

I talk in public like someone always has me on speakerphone

I be moving through the city, I hear these hushtones

No point in telling these folks to speak on it.

When it comes to conclusions, these folks Lambeau Leap on it.

I walk to my own drummer and trust I put a beat on it

This ain’t Halloween, I ain’t gotta be tricked to put a treat on it…

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