When the Night Comes

People come and go, it’s best to not get too invested

Because every time I’ve caught feelings , I’d regret it

You want to know my life story like you’re trying to make edits

This is my movie, just hope that you make it in the credits

One man band, walking to the beat of my own drum

My demons tried to rob me, wanted to hold my peace for ransom

But I conquered them and some, now they say I’m handsome

My mom just don’t want any grandsons, and I don’t want to finance them

Whenever women act foul, I tell them to give me the and-one

I got bills to stress about, you’re supposed to relieve that and some

I’m cool with whatever as long as the outcome is income

The school of hard knocks, I worked hard to become an alum

They say love is overrated, I disagree, it’s just not properly done

Doing things 50/50 became a wish instead of a rule of thumb

Ask yourself what you bring to the table, who are you trying to be?

You walk into the cookout empty handed, and expect to eat?

Not only that, but expect a feast? Try and take a to-go plate

And look at these fools with a straight face, and not feel like a disgrace

And invite others to follow the template, not carry your weight

And that wasn’t a big pun, but that’s a couch potato trait

And my words are gender natural too. These fools need to find a clue

And if they can’t find it themselves, request the help of Scooby Doo

Now let me put y’all in my shoes, show you how I see the landscape

Being single in 2016 is like volunteering for the rat race

Some men are crazy out here, I want all the women to be safe

But some of y’all looking like role players think you can’t be replaced?

I’ve lost good girls because honestly? It wasn’t time yet.

How me and shawty break up when she wasn’t even mine yet?

I’ve had girls not wanting to date & others wanting to settle down

Me? I’m somewhere in the middle so now I’m a pickle now

Starting to have doubt in how I pick ‘em now.

It’s like no matter who I choose, their worst insecurities, I bring them out.

I had people wanting to wife me, but unfortunately they weren’t the right ones

But I still wonder what if, especially when the night comes.


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