Interstate 75 Flows II

Sometimes the best laid plans can still fall short

I’m Tiger in ’03, greatness is par for the course

Got these voices in my head screaming until they’re hoarse

Trying to hop off the porch, right into a Porsche

Greediness, the reality check? I needed this

They put stuff in the will like “y’all gonna leave me this?”

Moving around quietly for security, not sneakiness

There’s too many people who wanna know what your business is

My business is? Stacking these coins, creating businesses

People love to start things and never finish it

Don’t string me along like violins, I’m not here for orchestration

I want everything I’m owed, I’m coming for back taxes & reparations

And every single outstanding IOU that needs to come to me

All this hate and I just wanted y’all to show love to me

They say love is overrated but respect is undervalued

Without that? You’re up shit’s creek without a paddle

Think I’m giving up my sanity without a battle?

You think this is a joke? I’m not Jimmy Fallon

I ‘m not even stalling, I’m ready for the next chapter

Here today, gone after. Didn’t stay long enough for a re-enactment.

I don’t have a full heart, I’m out here giving fragments

My attention span is crap, don’t ask me why I get distracted

Too many things on my mind that I need help with.

Too many skeletons in my closet that I haven’t dealt with.

You’re not supposed to tell the game, you’re supposed to sell it

Keep these secrets safe with me, I can’t unveil it

Contrary to popular belief, I’m fully operational

Not designed for mass consumption, I’m not inspirational

Backflipping over these obstacles for the optical

I called the play but then life made an audible

The trials and tribulations, these words are my chronicle

Talking like an evil villain, I should get a monocle.

I don’t tell folks shit so their deniability is plausible

I been around the block, running into haters is probable

The fact that you thought this was easy, was comical.

I’m preparing for warfare, their favorite arena is psychological


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