Freestyle Friday: The Major Key Edition

Apparently if you don’t announce it then you aren’t working

I’m still under construction, God’s working on me as person

And for your information, I’m flirting with greatness

That’s the only time you’ll hear who I’m flirting with in my cadence

Keep my business low, keep it on a need to know

And if you feel like you need to know, you need to go

Don’t get in your feelings baby

This lifestyle I lead is crazy, I won’t stop until they pay me

Call me what you want but you can’t call me lazy

Sipping on lemonade, girls viewing me like Jay- Z

Because in their minds, they all are Beyoncé

They think it has a ring to it like a fiancé

But I’m gearing up for a new level with new devils

Rockstar breaking the chains, we call that heavy metal.

The road I took to success is a little more scenic

And it can all go in the blink of an eye, Gilbert Arenas

Shoutout to agent Zero, they look to me to be the hero

Find me in the middle of everything like I’m Nemo

They say I’m mixxy, and it might be hard to miss me

Turning anger into green you can call me Bill Bixby

Can’t let you mess up my royalty like the Cosby Show

Running through all these obstacles, like cardio

Running through her mind every day, like cardio

Call me Mr. Shoot Your Shot, guess what? That’s cardio

C’mon, you know me now. You either hold me up or hold me down

From the city, but I be kicking it like I’m out of town.

I know myself, I see some snakes when I look around

My mind races sometimes, so it’s for the best that I write it down

We from the place where they care more about Harambe than Tamir

Politicians lying through their teeth, literally slipping through veneers

Success fuels my addictions and failure fuels my fears

But we’ll see how I Harlem shake through the next year.


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