King of the Court

Where’s my genie? I got a couple wishes that need to be granted

I enjoy bringing them to my city, I like having the home court advantage

We should just disappear, like we went sail boating looking for Atlantis

You wear your heart on your sleeve? I steal that thing just like a bandit

I’m starting to admit that I’m greedy, I want to have my cake & eat it too

I hate feeling like I’m needy, that’s why I like women with something to lose

Growing up wasn’t really easy, so I feel like I got something to prove

You may consider these actions cheesy, but it ain’t like I’m flirting with you

I’m focused more than ever, clear head helps me the see the game

But courting isn’t really a now or never, I’m not tripping when the plans change

People they come and go by the wayside, here for a reason or for a season.

Can’t relapse, I can’t backslide, can’t let these people know that I need them

Been having crushes since I was 14, annoyed with them in middle school

Most left bad tastes in my mouth like sardines, was too eager to play the fool

So I decided I’m not playing with you, you let your guard down, invited me in

And if you want me to tell the truth? The 4 words I hate? Let’s just be friends

I got too many friends already, and to be frank I don’t need to add

So we can kick it like Ronaldo and Messi, or I just give the headnod as a pass

The changes in my life are coming in fast, she still not sure why she likes my ass

A couple times she’s wanted to fight my ass, but give her some time and her anger might pass

I know my role and I’m playing it well, weighing my options on this Libra scale

I ain’t the type to give you details, just know when it comes to roadblocks, I prevail

King of the city? I don’t deserve that title, don’t want you out here worshipping false idols

Got to stay low for our survival because suddenly the well-wishers become your rivals.

So I’m continuing to do what I do, and whoever is with it, is gonna support me

I do have something to lose but if I play the pieces right, they’ll court me.


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