7PM in Bond Hill

I’m just a young black man trying to live his dreams

I make it look easy but it’s not as easy as it seems

I want a championship, I need some big rings

I want some companionship, I need some bad tings

But I can’t let it distract me from the goal at hand

Becoming a better, more handsome and educated man

They always say that haters are just misguided fans

Might even be more obsessed with you at a second glance

Be mindful of those who don’t clap when you win

DJ Khaled would call them “they” and you don’t need more of them

This world is a rollercoaster, be careful of the spins

The twists and the turns make you see through a different lens

Trying to make this world better for my kids

And I don’t even have any yet, that’s what it is

Leave the world a better place than when you found it

Enjoy yourself too much? The fun police have you surrounded

Grinding, I had an accountant before I had an allowance

Make a little money, save a couple thousand

Make a couple million? Save a couple children

But money doesn’t keep you safe from the killing

Even the hardest cats still need a little healing

Thought I was numb but I always seem to catch feelings

I catch feelings like Randy Moss on the Vikings

She did it well but she ain’t do it well enough for my liking

I ain’t just tell her to step, I sent her hiking

Women always seem to be my muse for what I’m writing

Either writing something for her or something about her

She’s a strong black woman, how ever could I doubt her?

The truth might be hard to swallow like clam chowder

But you can make an argument that women have the power

If you wear the pants but she controls the zipper

A stripper uses seduction to make you tip her

So is that why we decide to make the gender pay gap bigger?

Afraid of them getting on even footing a little quicker?

So there’s a couple tidbits, from this black misfit

Got your girl looking at me more than her fitbit

If you’re not the hitter, then you might be a quick lick

My presence is a present, Merry early Christmas.

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