Freedom of Independence Freestyle

Let’s just have a little fun for a minute

Trying to break records like my middle name is Guiness

I used to care about these folks, well at least I pretended

When they say they love me, I wonder if they meant it.

Don’t lie to me, I got myself locked in this apartment

Treat the apartment like a phone booth and I’m Clark Kent.

No previous knowledge of all these previous scholars

With girls playing lockdown d like Iguodala.

They anointed me king of the city but I ain’t ready for that crown yet

Because people can’t protect the king, like we’re playing chess

No checkers, just a squad full of go getters

We don’t even find the need to chase, we tell ‘em come get us

But reconsider, your position on a couple things

I’m married to the game, just haven’t found my wedding ring

They posted up, I got them watching from the mezzanine

Wherever I walk, the place lights up like Billie Jean

All she wanna do is get high and listen to Tiller

You ain’t got to listen to me when I say I’m that nigga

Catching the Holy Ghost, she catching the holy smokes

Got my bait out, lure ‘em in like rope-a-dope

Or maybe whack a mole, but I can always pop-a-shot

Ready to go the extra mile like B Rabbit and Papa Doc

I tell them folks they can either love me or leave me

But they can’t leave me alone because I make it look so easy

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