Hope Dealers Anonymous

You can either love me or hate me, the choice is still yours

How am I going through a midlife crisis and I’m only 24?

I ain’t talking Tiger, they say cheating is par for the course

But if you can’t play the game, don’t mention me about sports

About to take a leap of faith, jumping off the top rope

Demons keep chasing me like OJ in the Bronco

But my God built a defense like the Broncos

They don’t believe me but do you see any growth in my nose?

This ain’t Pinocchio it’s more like Pocono

Race car driving, trying to get a handle like a rodeo

And the people wanting inquiries about my portfolio

Chill with that, you’re being hotter than San Antonio

Staying lowkey, I should trademark it as my calling card

If the heist don’t feel right, I have no issues calling it off

I been tried enough times, I’ve certainly shown resolve

But I got these folks praying I take another loss

President Davis and they are trying to impeach me

Doing the digital dash, your allegations can’t reach me

Student of the game, your professors can’t teach me

I took enough losses, your best can’t beat me

Feeling like Ali standing in the ring in Manilla

Feeling like Mike when he’s in the studio making Thriller

Got to keep my future away from all the Bryson Tillers

But when it comes to shooting shots, I’m 95 Reggie Miller

Something like a sharp shooter, almost like a hit man

Swear I’m in a committed relationship every time I hear “One Dance”

Walk to the beat of my own drums, one man band

Hope my success haunts your dreams like the boogieman

You think I’m phony? Think the things I’m saying aren’t legit

I learned how to politic, I parlayed that into scholarships

You ain’t gonna see my dreams crumble like a bunch of chips

And I’m wearing short sleeves but I still got a bunch of tricks

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