Stay Low & Build 2.0

Everyone should know that I like to stay low

I don’t need you to know who I want to get to know

Folks can’t hold water like a leaky bucket

Word is worthless like Burger King’s chicken nuggets

We all understand that I been hurt before

Studied her body, I mean I was a nerd before

Trampled on my heart like she was part of a herd before

I should have saw the signs, wasn’t reading the words before

So I keep everything romantically close to the vest

People try to study my moves like we’re close to the test

People begging me to go and get it off my chest

Like I haven’t seen what happened to the rest

Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday

Folks keep testing me like I don’t get a passing grade

To sustain all these dates certainly takes a living wage

And that’s not the only debt that I’m expected to pay

What they don’t tell you is how all of this gets time consuming

I’m just a magician in the land of illusion

DJ Khaled would tell you that business is booming

I can’t afford to make mistakes, it’s like I’m inhuman

Woke up today so let me take a break to go and thank Him

Got so many women around me, I need a power ranking

Playing the long game because God taught me patience

They said they got a damaged heart like a cardiac patient

I mean, I could have guessed that I would struggle with it

I never thought it take 2 years to come and get it

I been dealing with false starts, my whole life

So when you want me to share things, I think twice

Keeping secrets? Why am I the only one with this skill?

What’s more unlucky, splitting the pole or splitting the bill?

Honestly, still not sure what these folks want for real

So until I find out, I stay low and build.

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