Stay Low & Build

Stacking all this money, thanking God I am alive

They say be about your business, you don’t need a suit and tie

Crossing all these barriers, thinking I can fly

They say “tell me about your dreams’ I think I might just lie

If they don’t know your dreams then they can’t shoot them down

Fighting with my demons, about to go another round

Got to go another level, no more dancing with the devil

Driving in the fast lane, I might need another pedal

All these dudes do is make noise like they’re banging heavy metal

They put the pressure on me and I can’t afford to settle

Look at my position and I realize that I want more

They say life’s a game well I’m here to settle scores.

Trying to get everything I feel like I’m owed, plus interest.

Married to the game and success is my mistress

Trying to stay lowkey, got no need for a witness

But I got the gifts, I was born right before Christmas

Staying lowkey in a life that’s getting vicious.

Got tired of asking for permission so I asked for forgiveness.

They say I’m gifted like Santa coming down the tree

It’s a rare occurrence when you find someone who does believe

Believe in my dreams and believe in my reality

Paid the cost to be the boss, they took it out my salary.

Running your mouth isn’t helping anyone burn calories

Hang you out to dry like a piece in an art gallery

Haters make me sick, they’re activating my allergies

But me? I’m charged up like a double A battery

I try to stay lowkey but I still have such a personality.

I just want my people to win, how are they still mad at me?

I accept that I might not get answers to all my questions

They thought I gave the play, I really gave them misdirection

Because I don’t need all of this negativity in my section.

Because I can’t be Stevie Wonder, blind to my blessings.


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