#FreestyleFriday: What Problems?

God and I need to have a little more conversation

But look at my life, it’s like I skipped past His Call Waiting

I hate sounded like a broken record, I ain’t the radio station

But if you don’t like where you are, change locations

They don’t love me, they love what I can do for ‘em

Tied up in a jam? I helped get the knot loose for ‘em

Say that you’re feeling me? But what I’m feeling is lukewarm

Wanna go to war for me? Then let’s strap our boots on

Can’t take life too serious, it’s not like we’re gonna make it out alive

Stand in your truth, you’re only scared if you live a lie

How can I be Mr. Shoot Your Shot & not give a try?

I got people who would die for me, but why let them die?

Too many questions in my head, too many things unanswered

If people want to pop off, they’re better off grabbing a Fanta

I be feeling like a super hero, be feeling like Black Panther

And if life had a reset button, it’s not moving to Atlanta

Got to make do with what I have & still I been blessed a lot

Got these folks waiting on me like servers at restaurants

Trying to get this bread like I’m collecting croissants

Need this poetry because it is my biggest confidant

My heart used to be cold as a December in Vermont

December’s very own, now they look at me like a Savant

Haters mad because they think that I’m nonchalant

But I came back from the dead, let me enjoy this renaissance.

People say that I’m not as jovial as I used to be

People can drain your happiness, I thought these folks were using me

Had too much on my mind, I wasn’t getting any sleep

I was fighting world war 3 for myself to find inner peace.

Welcome to my inner sanctum, you see my demons? Thank them

Learned to speak freely without the fear of these sanctions

These people have shown me every emotion except patience.

They tried to lil bro me but the lil homie outranked them


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