The Magic’s Over

All praises to the people that will check up on you.

Believe in you enough to even put a check up on you

Lifestyle of the young and unbelievable.

Even after all of this man, they’re still needing you

It’s hard to believe, after all the hate I’ve received

That any person would admit they needed me

Seeing the world through a keyhole, finding myself, no Nemo

But they’re thinking I’m mentally sick, no Chemo.

So I put my ego in check and put my pride aside.

To become one of those people that you idolized.

This is real life, a lot ain’t romanticized

What’s been going on with me? A little too much to summarize

People don’t ask out of concern, they ask to be nosy

Change happens outside your comfort zone, can’t afford to be cozy

Looking through the haystacks, trying to find the needles.

Looking through the bad, trying to find the good people

Used to be looking in the mirror, focused on my weakness

The road to greatness, who knew it’d be this scenic

Crave a lot of things, they say success and affection are the sweetest

Call me a hybrid but with way more power than a Prius

You often are way more powerful than you even know

I ain’t here to sell lies, you don’t have to believe these quotes

Drowning in my self doubt, friends came around with their boats

I ain’t got to walk on water, I just have to make sure I float

And avoid hypothermia, they say it’s known to set in quick

When your self-esteem goes overboard, you call the cavalry to rescue it

Niggas wanting championship rings but they scared to commit

Like Kyrie Irving with the crossover, they not equipped to handle it

Breaking ankles and egos, they look at me like a hero

If I let them in the phone booth, they might feel like I’m a zero

I have to make this look effortless, at least that’s the plan

Because there’s no magic in the effort, it’s all in the sleight of hand.


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