Interstate 75 Flows

To be honest, right now it feels like I’m at a crossroads

The old me would have given them all a piece of my soul

The new me keeps it all together, silent forever

They say Diddy you ain’t built for that, never say never.

Y’all make mountains out of molehills but yet y’all “so real”

Y’all missing the mark like Free Throws from Mr. O’Neal

They say if you get bruised up that time heals

What happened if the culprit was someone in a pair of fine heels?

You keep the healing to yourself, the world don’t care

But when you’re on top of the world then they were “always there”

I ain’t naïve enough to ever think things are always fair

I don’t need to be humble, I just need to be self-aware

Got to be mindful of spreading myself too thin

Blocking out the negative things but I got tough skin

Young black man coming live from the north end

It’s been a crazy ride, at least my seat belt is fastened.

You better thank the Lord I’m strapping in, the old me ain’t back again

I prefer new money way more than I prefer new friends

My bank account ain’t where I want it, but I mean it’s straight

It’s big enough that people keep begging me to donate

Not just my money but my time like I don’t know what I’m worth

Not knowing how much a dollar costs? That shit is the worst

I’m blessed man, starting realizing that as a freshman

So about 6 years ago, made it through all the interventions

And they think they can make another me like I’m just an invention

I have become more judicial in who I give my attention

All these dudes do is whine like they’re born in the Napa Valley

I haven’t bowled in a while, guess complaining is more up your alley

I might take your woman crush Wednesday, show her downtown Cincinnati

Have her looking Squidward discovering the Krabby Patty

The backroom deals, just know that my God is real.

The devil wears Prada and she’s over 6 feet tall in heels

I remember when I used to want people to love me still.

Now I’m trying to think of the quickest way to earn these mills

Because my family got to eat and I don’t want them to miss a meal

That’s why I had to graduate to coach of the playing field.


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