Everything’s Imperfect

Those who know me know I have a lot on my mind.

Broke a million watches hoping it’s the perfect time.

Feeling attacked on all sides, if you’re down, let’s ride

All these demons swarming, attacking like a beehive

Let’s be clear, you don’t know me. You know what I allow you to

Ain’t here for a slick mouth, how we both gonna have attitudes?

I been doubted since December all the way in 1991

I hide these scars from the masses because the war isn’t won

I’m fighting this shit every day, suffered in every way

And I ain’t planning on making up with y’all, this ain’t Mary Kay

People get diabolical when the time’s right.

Every time I wake up, I walk into another prize fight

The devil throwing right hooks, and left jabs

Jesus take the wheel, otherwise I might crash

And how dare I die before I get what I deserve?

I’m waiting on that day like it’s the 1st and the 3rd

They aren’t ready for the appraisals, they don’t want you to know your worth

Young black, and gifted but how dare I show hurt?

How dare I show weaknesses and still consider myself a king?

Show a little bit of pain and they just turn it into memes

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, I don’t like what’s in my dreams

Worried about my standing, should I be on to better things?

When I tell you I been told I’m not shit at least once a day

People keep taking shots at me, even my friends have caught a stray

But God believes in me too much to allow me to walk away

So I’m cooking up something like I learned from Bobby Flay

We’re in the era where other people try and dictate your value

Don’t give them the full story, they’ll create one without you

I keep a lot of things to myself on purpose.

Share what you went through and the aura becomes worthless

I can be anything I want to be except perfect…

Hopefully someone sees that and still thinks I’m worth it…

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