The Fall Back

They say don’t do anything if you’re gonna half ass it

That’s why my interaction with these women been going backward

They deserve better, and I’m probably not better

Will I get right? I mean, I can’t be down forever

Because I’m looking at the horizon, I don’t like the view

Ain’t nobody shock the kid like their name was Pikachu

So I disappear and reappear like I’m playing peek a boo

Drunk on love? Nah I only had a drink or 2…

I been going through the motions, working on my brand

She asked me if I liked her, like I won’t lie on the stand?

But she deserves better so I couldn’t lie again

It’s ok if we’re just buddies just don’t block me with your friend

I haven’t had my heart in it since at least summer 15

Watching nightmares come from the girl of your dreams

That took a lot out of me, I recovered but still

You don’t want to rush in the battlefield until you’re healed.

It’s easy to get disillusioned and wonder is it worth it

I wonder if I like her, she wonders if I’m perfect

And this isn’t a one way street, it goes vice versa

Tell these folks your dreams and they plot on how to murder.

You got half these people telling me to be patient

The other half equate my worth to the women I’m slaying

How I have nothing to lose and still something to prove?

Because somehow I still feel like I’m nothing to you

But honestly, I still don’t feel nothing for you

Like if I disappeared tomorrow, would you really catch the blues?

I mean, let’s be real here. My honesty is still here

Dying alone and unloved in something we all fear

But what’s the point if I don’t feel the same things

Fell asleep talking to you but another woman’s in my dreams?

That’s not fair to you and luckily I caught that

So instead of pushing forward, I had to fall back.


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