The Pull of Power

If you’re not growing then you’re dying, that’s a rule of thumb

And you’ll be amazed at the growth from Miss Celeste’s son

Yeah I make mistakes, but I am far from dumb

And when it comes to me, they say the best is yet to come

I’m getting my mind right because I have some crazy goals

Getting my sword right, I have to slay some crazy foes

Mr. Nice Guy ain’t winning this

Trying to have the game wrapped up like my Christmas list.

People keep probing in my life, they keep trying to fish

I ain’t shooting shots at my homies old work, I ain’t Derek Fish

I got to attack this thing with precision and not carelessness.

Because there’s a couple people that still don’t know what it is.

I feel doubted in every corner and it angers me

This writing is the only way that I find release

Sometimes I wondered if I died, would I rest in peace

Or would the things I didn’t do continue haunting me?

Well behaved people rarely make history

My company can’t allow me to join you fools in your misery.

Go zero dark 30 for a while, what will they miss from me?

I keep quiet because I don’t feel like asking y’all to listen, please.

Went from the favorite, to the most hated.

Not giving a damn about how I get debated

You say I’m overrated, I asked who all did the rating?

You think you know me? Where did you get your information?

The pull of power is strong, I’m seeing the allure

I got these folks sick of me, they’re looking for the cure.

I got these people fooled, they’re thinking that I’m pure.

They thought they had me down but I keep coming back for more

I don’t do the same thing and expect different results.

Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, didn’t get caught

I’m coming into my own, that thought should be scary right?

Revenge is a dish best served cold if you prepare it right…


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