Game On

They say time is a terrible thing to waste and they’re right

Driving through these speed bumps, running through the yellow lights

Because when it comes to greatness, I’ve got to set my sights

Look deep into my soul, this is what I want for life.

Never said it comes easy, never said it would come soon

These fools got a mindset that’d get ‘em bullied in the lunch room

Put away childish things and they’re watching me like cartoons

Because I stay on point similar to harpoons

I’m so loyal, I’m so true but I don’t even brag about it

When they took away plan A, I already had plan B scouted

Or should I say, I already had plan J scouted

And when they took that away from me, I couldn’t even worry about it

My mind’s dirty but my heart’s clean, I wanted this since like 14

I ain’t never been in a pageant homie, don’t do well with drama queens.

I’m seeing life like a chess board, it’s exposing me to a lot of things.

King’s most powerful but his moves are most restricted

Got the queen by his side who isn’t afraid to go and get it

Got the rook’s building the castles, bishops prepared for battle

Knights jumping over obstacles, pawns began to scatter.

Got to think 3 moves ahead to get a happily ever after.

Or you get to the point where you realize happy doesn’t matter

I’m so focused, this is what happens when you pray for it

When they tell you good news is on the way and you stay for it.

Been in the same city with the same crows, not much still fools me

Trying to get my bread up to make Ayesha Curry wanna pull me.

Learned the game from the OG’s, got them all floor seats

Tell them folks it’s showtime, I’m feeling like Curry

Or Bron Bron, or Westbrook, I’m feeling like KD

Tired of warning y’all fuck boys to take heed.

I told them I got my mind right, y’all really think y’all can take me

I know the feds watching so I look at them dudes and say cheese

Because it takes more than a cape to try and save me.

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