Scoreboard (Different Animal, Same Beast)

You hate me but you love me though, it’s kinda adorable

Folks keep questioning me, I treat it as rhetorical

I tell ‘em don’t worry your pretty little head on my life

Niggas swinging for the fences like they don’t have 2 strikes

They asking, who’s nice? I tell them that I used to be

But that was before I felt like people were using me
all that BS? You’re losing me, King Diddy, who but me?

Death to that old way of thinking, rest in peace

Driving through the cold like it isn’t almost summer

Promise to treat new women like they’re more than just a number

Don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, got to keep it under cover

Just don’t treat me like a sucker, don’t cross me like we’re in the rucker

That’s all I ask for, my requests are simple

People keep trying to attack me? Better send your missiles

They love and diss you, screw you over then try and kiss you

I’m refusing to talk anymore because my feeling’s instrumental

So I get it out here, we all need stuff to vent.

The game’s a dirty game, it needs more than a rinse

Soaring to new heights, how much is it to rent a blimp?

And for all those in your feelings, save some money & rent a simp

Because I ain’t here for you, I got bigger fish to fry

Trying to sharpen my knife to get a bigger piece of the pie

See it in my eyes and maybe you can feel it all in my soul.

I can’t lose control because I worked too hard to get it before

I done did it before, but I can’t front like I have nothing to lose

But I also can’t front like I don’t have something to prove

So just walk in my shoes, and see all of the things I ignore

We’re playing the same game but I ain’t focused on “evening the score”

Just trying to get a couple buckets, ball out like Kobe.

Kobe wearing the 8 and not the 24, you know me.


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