Live From My iPhone III

They used to say it was all good just a week ago.I keep my business low, have to keep it all on a need to know.

Got people looking up to me and they aren’t even spiritual

They say my time is coming, but I still kinda fear it though 

Love me or hate me but the confidence can never change

Focus on what I’m good at, can’t really worry about the other things

You don’t know me, you just know what I choose to reveal.

Be careful with weaknesses, showing too many can get you killed.

They ask me, why you hate showing vulnerability, I tell them look around.

Even for being in the wrong place, we stay getting gunned down.

So how dare I let them see any slippage come from the crown?

How dare I try to pick my own self up from the lost and found?

I don’t need people pretending to love me, just get the money though.

Diabetes runs in my family so don’t you dare try and sugarcoat

Remember when they doubted Noah but he still went and built the boat?

Got people watching me like your grandmother’s favorite soaps

Mind dirty, but my heart clean, I’m playing my position.

I cut back on talking now a days because I need to listen

We’re on a ultra light beam shining, we need decisions

They had a prayer circle for me, I need these Christians.

Not the Louboutin’s, I’m shooting, getting my hooper on

Take it back to the 90’s, get my “hanging with Mr. Cooper” on

People are always gonna hate on you, I should have known

Old me is looking at new me like I’m surprised at how you’ve grown.

No more bitter b*tches, turning personal into Twitter business

Trying to break some records, might name my first son Guinness

You think you’re calling my bluff, you’re just getting a dial tone

They tell you my stock is rising, word to the Dow Jones

No more sad songs, we should be proud of our scars

Because how else they’re gonna believe that we made it this far?

If I smell like smoke that’s because I been through hell

Let the statistics tell it, by this time I should be in jail.

But I know God well, and he let me know my abilities

Placed me in the right situations, scouted out the facilities.

And I thought storms wouldn’t come, silly me.

I’m not even everything that I’d wish I’d be.

But I’m coming closer to it every day and that’s a fact.

Gotta take my fate into my hands, y’all can’t have it back.

Worried about the failures instead of focusing on the successes.

Because just when you think you have the answers, I change the questions… 

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