Cruel Intentions

Don’t try and finesse me, baby I know the game

The more things are different, the more they stay the same

And this isn’t coming out of a bitter place

But you’re on a crumbling foundation like it’s section 8.

No disrespected intended, no confrontations needed

Trying to find a woman that would love all my pieces

The good and the bad, the strengths and the weakness

They say I’m a dog, but we’re not bringing out the leashes

People trying drain the happiness, we’re bringing out the leeches

Had me on my knees, crying out to Jesus

Asking what exactly I did to deserve it

But I pick myself up, of course no one’s perfect.

Kings of the story, out here dying for glory

The Boy meets world, they got a Topanga for my Cory?

Nothing was the same and of course I took a loss

Wanted to be a king, of course that had a cost

So I silently solider on, carrying all my burdens

Working on my poker face, you can’t tell that I’m nervous

They want a piece of the pie, I just want the pie.

I don’t just have my head in the clouds, I’m trying to own the sky

I been through the pain, took hits to my pride

I have a lot on my plate because I wasn’t satisfied with the sides

So I complained less, and I let that hurt go.

Only the family matters, like I’m Urkel

Can’t let these haters try and feast on my dreams

So I keep my life private, including all the schemes.

Got these folks on my radar, can’t fool myself again.

Because sometimes the worst enemies are your friends.


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