The Bounce

Ever since the new year started, they said I had this bounce

They said you seem happier on almost all accounts

I be moving, I be gliding and snaking through the pressure

And shoutout to my ex’s, I wish I never met you

Actually that’s a lie, they helped me learn, help me grow

Helped me identify friends, helped me identify foes

Everyone knows my 2015 was trash, no need to get too explicit

But I turned the page on that year and was like let’s get it.

Advancing in my career, courting these black goddesses

When you step, you need support, don’t come here in any moccasins

I see that they’re worried about us, afraid they have to lock us in

They say all’s fair in love and war so I just know I got to win.

Failure ain’t an option, you do what you want when you’re poppin

They’re telling me I’m paranoid but I know there’s people plotting

So I make sure my intentions aren’t clear

You can’t drive me crazy if I don’t allow you to steer

Cole said if they don’t know your dreams, they can’t shoot it down

You don’t have to play in make-up to be considered a clown.

I wouldn’t consider myself a solider, I’m more like a marksman

I can do the brute strength but I aim for specific targets

I do what I can regardless, I am who I am regardless

Salute when you see me, respect me like a sergeant.

I got headphones to block out the BS and negativity

People I never met before telling me how they’re missing me

Of course, it’s me. I’m the most dangerous when I’m doubted

So it’s ok to believe in me, just don’t tell the world about it.


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