Get God on the Phone



The question is what is a king without a crown?

I don’t need Yung Joc to know it’s going down

I sometimes need people just to leave me alone

To make everyone happy, I would need a clone

The devil doesn’t want to give me a step

Job opened up, I might just move to the southwest

They say in Texas that everything’s bigger.

But no matter where I go, I’ll still be that nigga

They asking us if we reclaimed that word

I been trying to get everything that I deserve.

I’m balling so hard that it’s imprudent to leave

Give me time, I’m improving, you see?

I know some of these dudes that won’t bust a grape

Laugh behind your back, smile in your face.

Calling your bluff, watch me dial in your face

Give me a belt, watch me beat the case

It’s my nature to worry about public opinion

No matter what did it, I got to go get it

Haters feeling froggy? I know they’re gonna ribbit

This is food for thought, can you handle the dishes?

I’ve had people see me at my lowest,

Wonder if that influenced opinion on me

I’m good with words, I’m a poet.

I find this to be the best style of release.

They say I got the game tied in a knot

They say I’m gifted, I should come with a bow

Momma told me I could be the next Barack

But I don’t know if that’s the path that I’ll go

They’re telling me that the world is an oyster

That I have my entire fate in my hands

But I’m never too good for some pointers

On how exactly I’m gonna meet these demands.



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