Supply & Demand

Young faithful black man, they treat me as a rarity

Thought I was a joke, tried to treat me like a parody

Time to introduce the concept that’s called scarcity

Gotta make sure that these folks are prepared for me

So basically if I’m patience, I’m promised prosperity

Because there ain’t enough good black men, apparently

And women think they see this with HD clarity

They want someone to ride with them like a Jeep Cherokee

It took me a while to know my worth but now I got it

Why do I need to stand for people coming out of pocket?

I don’t have to be a man with a million dollar profit

Because I’m still the plug like I came out the socket

Increase in self-worth doesn’t mean I need to be obnoxious

But trust, I know I’m gifted like a Christmas stocking

So I have the ability to wait for the perfect offering

Why do we shame those who want to explore their options?

Maybe it would help if more people wanted to be honest

Or maybe if we stop treating relationships like a contest

Or looking at people like they’re our next conquest

I’m secure in my resume, I know what I accomplished

And the numbers bear out that the game has changed for the better

Advantage to the people who don’t follow the rules to the letter

Ex left me for something minor, grew not to regret her

But I can’t let one woman make me have a vendetta

Because there is plenty of more fish inside the sea

And I’m pretty confident in who I’m trying to be

And I promise not to use this new found power for evil

But it’s back to the drawing board like there’s a new easel

If you treat her like a star, she’ll view you like a fan

We need an equal partnership, it’s easy to understand

And I’m not perfect but I also know I’m the man

Thanks to a little concept: supply and demand.

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