The Games We Play

Power to the people, it’s time to take what’s ours

Walking out the building, feeling like a star

Feeling like a kingpin, the crowd chanting “Kill him!”

Dying to be loved but they dying to get these bills in

Jesus knows me and he also knows I make mistakes

Working together like we’re hitting harmonies on amazing grace

Like we’re plastic surgeons, we just all trying to save some face

The black Houdini, might just disappear without a trace

People like Sony, working hard to play new games

Ever since Kony, I never trusted the internet the same

People out here donating with little clue of the actual cause

Trying to get to the point where my check looks like it’s making calls

7 digits, Wiz Khalifa called it phone numbers

Preparing myself, it’s might just be a long summer

The Yard Runners, out here checking all these newcomers

Me against the world and we’re out here taking all comers

If young Diddy don’t trust you, they gonna shoot you

They got me out here preaching dreams like Martin Luther

They want me to be washed up like I’m a loofa

They say I’m off the deep end, but I just learned to scuba

Still ain’t too good for Ramen noodles

Still talking like I might just have a screw loose

But name one genius that isn’t crazy

Used to not get called back, now I’m called baby

Funny how life works, it’s all cyclical

I tell them you can call me anything except typical

Flirting with success with no mistletoe

Got to keep going hard until the whistle blows

Because if you’re gonna play the game, better play to win

And if you lose the first game, better play again.

Out here pushing buttons like the master remote controller

And until the fat lady sings, it ain’t over til it’s over.

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